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This cheek augmentation patient education website is devoted to helping you gather the necessary information in making an informed choice before choosing to have surgery.  We cover all of your options in cheek implants, injectable fillers, and other procedures such as fat grafting, lifts and more.  With the right information, guidance, and support, your chances of a positive experience is thereby increased.

Cheek Augmentation

A deficient cheek structure can make your face appear drawn and gaunt. It may give the appearance of heaviness in the lower face and an aged look of the under-eye area. Many attractive people have strong cheek bones and a softened appearance due to adequate soft tissue in this area. Prominent, full cheeks give us a youthful, healthy appearance. Cheeks which are too fatty, or large, can make us look overweight and heavy. When augmentation is performed incorrectly it can make us look very unnatural. There is a definite balance, so choosing a skilled plastic surgeon is imperative.

All of the information found on our website has been thoroughly researched and provided to you at no cost.  We have had cheek augmentation ourselves, and some of us have even had complications.  Who better to help you understand what to expect than real patients who have gone through it already?  While your surgeon can give you basics, and technical details--to know what it truly feels like, you need real patient experiences.  Your surgeon is able give you any information that you need, however, you normally do not receive the information you crave in an hour or two of consultations and pre-op appointments.  Most patients want to read up on all of their options and their risks, see cheek augmentation before and after photos and seek out other patients.  During your cheek augmentation recovery period, our forum members are available to compare stories and share experiences and photos.  While, our website is not meant to be construed as specific medical advice, or replace any instructions from your surgeon, we are here to offer a helping hand with education and support. 

To effectively navigate our website, you should choose to follow the tutorial as it is meant to be read by clicking the blue arrow on the bottom of each page.  If you choose to click the buttons to the left to access each section selectively, please remember that there are important subsections to each category. 





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